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“It's Not the Original...It's Not World Famous...It's Just Awesome!"

Yeah, Dat's Nice Hot Sauce

Our Datil Pepper Sauces

Datil Pepper BBQ Sauce

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Datil Pepper Chickin Dippin Sauce

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Hotter N Hell Datil Pepper Sauce

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The history behind ‘Dat’s Nice’ hot sauce says it all in the name. The ‘Dat’s’ kind of rolls right off the tongue just like the wonderful taste from the Datil peppers in our pepper sauces that are indigenous to the Saint Augustine, Florida area. The ‘Nice’ well that’s how you feel after eating one of our great hot pepper sauces on just about anything. After making the pepper sauces for many years, friends and family said, “Dat’s Nice – you should sell it…” Yeah right, sounds more like a pipe dream! Then one day we decided what the heck, let’s do it. So there you have it!

Now go on and enjoy Dat’s Nice hot sauce with your friends and family. We are so sure that you will enjoy the products we have a GUARANTEE. That guarantee is, “If you don’t like this sauce, you won’t buy another bottle, we guarantee it!

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Customer Testimonials

Brian Stearns – Raleigh, NC

Brian Stearns – Raleigh, NC

I was in St. Augustine, FL this past weekend for Thanksgiving.  I love chile peppers and sauces and found out about the Datil pepper.  Then, I stumbled across a hot sauce specialty shop and asked for a selection of locally made Datil hot sauces.  After trying many, I focused in on your Hotter-n-Hell sauce and brought some back to North Carolina.

I just wanted to say you make an amazing product, and that I will be ordering more from you in the future.

Brian Stearns

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