Dat’s Nice Datil Pepper Sauces Are Healthy!


Today we live in a world that promotes so much processed food and we are constantly hearing about the unhealthy food additives − about what is not good for us. In our strive to learn what is best, we decided to take a good look at our datil pepper sauces to see how healthy (or unhealthy) they might be. Actually, we were pretty sure they did not contain many artificial ingredients such as MSG and the like, but we decided that we wanted to take whatever corrective steps that were necessary for us to continue to make our sauces in the future without any worry about unhealthy ingredients. A dash here, an exclusion there and voila! We discovered how to make our datil pepper sauces not only delicious, but without the things that are not good for us

We received some great news this past week! After working with our sauce recipes and then following the extensive testing required, we learned that our datil pepper sauce varieties are now Gluten Free, NO High Fructose Corn Syrup, and are NON-GMO.

This is excellent news for us because we have always endeavored to make our products not only mouth-watering tasty, but as a local company using only local products from St. Augustine, Florida we were determined to offer a healthy product, as well.

We are now planning our new label designs to show everyone how much we care about what they are eating. The new designs will feature our bold red seal. This means that you can trust our sauces to be only the finest ingredients with NO artificial anything.

It is our pleasure to bring you our great sauces… just yummy wholesome ingredients as nature intended.


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