Florida Datil Pepper Grower

Years ago, long before the Super Wal-Marts and big-box grocery chains, cows grazed on hillsides while fruits and veggies were abundant from the area farms.  When we went to the local market or the hardware store in town, we just knew that the tomatoes, milk, bread, or even the lawn mower we just bought were all items that were grown or made somewhere close by; that the food was good for us and that American business owners were going to not only feed their families from our purchase, but that the local company would also make a profit.

Fast forward to our current market…the local grocer carries sixty-five percent imported food products, so when shopping for your family, do you even know where the food originated.

At Dat’s Nice, when we began making our datil pepper sauces, one of the most important decisions we felt we would always hold to was that we’d only use our own home-grown datil peppers with ingredients from the local area of St. Augustine, FL.

Today “local” does not necessarily mean it was made across the street or even in the same town; local means Made in America with wholesome ingredients by a business with a heart!  We take pride in the making of our sauces. Our pepper plants are started from seeds from the previous year’s crop and re-planted every year on our mini-farm. We feed and nurture each plant from seedling to harvest and raise the Datils with the same care as if we were going to eat every one of them ourselves.  

Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised enables you to choose safer food avoiding or reducing the chemicals and pesticides commercial growers are forced to use.  When you buy local food, you vote with your food dollar. This ensures that American farms will continue to succeed and that healthy, tasty, and bountiful food will be available for future generations.

So if you love hot sauces and are ready to try some of our superb gourmet datil pepper varieties visit our Shop Sauces page or just click the previous link and you will be magically transported.


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