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Sauces for Restaurant Use

Whether your restaurant uses sauces, marinades or hot sauces during the cooking process or as an accompaniment for the tables, your restaurant will gain a new dimension once you begin using our sauces and offering the scrumptious flavors to your customers. It doesn’t matter the cuisine you create as our sauces exhilarate beef, chicken, veggies, pork and seafood. They are great for basting while cooking and are awesome used as dipping sauces. Once you begin to offer these flavors to your customers, they will keep coming back time-after-time because of their unique, delicious, and customer-pleasing taste.

The best part about our sauces is they have just enough heat to make the food delicious, but it’s not a burn your mouth out lasting punch.  The rest of the specific ingredients in each sauce is what remains after the cooking is complete. Once begun, our sauces will have a permanent place in your restaurant.

Our tasty sauces are just the right addition for use at your restaurant location or for retail sales, and co-branding is also an option. Sauces for restaurants are available in:

  • B2B gallon jugs for kitchen usage
  • Bottles for your table

If interested in wholesale volume or for restaurant use, please use this CONTACT FORM to let us know about your needs.

Our manager will call you as soon as possible to assist you.